ABUP - Feiras de Decoração e Utilidades Domésticas


SEPTEMBER 07 TO 10, 2023





“In French, bref means “in short, being concise, getting down to the essentials... ”

To showcase Brazilian contemporary art and design, it could only begin with the abbreviation “BR”.

Curated by Patricia Monteiro Leclercq, bref, design & art is an exhibition that displays works of art and collectible design in uncommon places, offers face- to-face experiences and exchanges of ideas, and promotes the opening of these brands to sustainable business growth.

For Paris Design Week 2023, bref presents major brands on the Brazilian art & design market, including CASA BONITA, DZT OBJETOS, GILENO DESIGN, HOME WISH, OIAMO and ST. JAMES.

Companies participating under the coordination and support of ABUP

Casa Bonita

Casa Bonita, a Brazilian wholesaler, manufacturer, importer and distributor, has been active on the decoration market for 52 years and two generations; it is a market reference for home decoration objects, accessories and textiles. For eight years, the brand has put consistent effort into valuing and promoting Brazilian handcrafts, both here and abroad, as well as collections by top brands in Brazilian and international design.

Its “Refúgio” Collection is part of the project titled “Colors and Hands of the Cerrado,” conceived by artist Ju Amora, who — inspired by the colors of the cerrado (or Brazilian savanna) — created a composition that matches the elements found in the beautiful vases shaped by women of Vale do Jequitinhonha, in northern Minas Gerais. This collection came about from an exchange of inspirations between the artist and those craftswomen, combining ancestral technique with contemporary intervention in pieces crafted by the work of many hands, in a relationship that transcends the geography that separates them to form new spaces for their creativity.

To connect with the brand: CASA BONITA- cecilia@casabonita.com.br

DZT Objetos

DZT Objetos is the commercial leg for retailers of Studio Dalzotto, and both of them are essentially an artistic expression of how the artist sees the world, and translated through originally designed jewelry.

All items are handcrafted; the pieces made in wood are always one-of-a-kind, and the high-temperature ceramics are also originally designed and hand-made. All products express the artist’s view of the world, and bestow a playfully light and poetic aspect in jewels to make up the decor.

PETRICOR [s.m.] “the aroma caused by rain that falls on dry ground.” – A series of small sculptures, tiny worlds, hand-made in high-temperature ceramics and metal (copper and zinc alloy) plated with gold and white rhodium. The Petricor series features elements from everyday life, pieces that project stories to be interpreted by those who behold these works, creating a link between the story of those who created them and each one’s own personal history.

To connect with the brand: DZT OBJETOS - dalzottostudio@gmail.com

Gileno Design

Gileno Design was founded 20 years ago, operating out of a small design studio, and is now considered one of the largest handcraft decoration companies in Brazil, offering exclusive creations of high-quality artisanal crystal pieces with 24k-Gold application. Gileno is widely recognized for its unique designs and techniques, combining Brazilian beauty and creativity. It regularly participates at various trade fairs, including ABUP (São Paulo), Ambiente (Frankfurt), Maison & Objet (Paris), Intergift (Madrid), Gifts and Life Style (Dubai), and INDEX (Dubai).

With sophisticated details and refined craftsmanship, no model is produced exactly the same as any other, to everyone’s delight.

To connect with the brand: GILENO DESIGN - gilenodesignnext@gmail.com

Home Wish

Customization is 50% of Home Wish’s business.

Decorating one’s home is a process that can involve not only professionals, such as interior designers and architects, but also friends and family. The aim is to make the rooms in our home not only beautiful and welcoming, but also personal and full of details that tell a story. These stories can be about traveling, antiquing, or special items received from loved ones. It was with these details in mind that Home Wish decided to invest in custom-made pieces. Whether through the company’s website or showroom, its customers have the option of making their pieces even more memorable by adding initials or a special date. As with all pieces, personalizing an item means it takes a bit longer to complete the work. After all, the brand’s goal is not to produce pieces in record time, but to produce them with meaning and purpose — it takes longer, but it makes them even more precious.

To connect with the brand: HOME WISH - dcorrea@hwdecor.com.br


Created by designer Tiago Braga in 2019, Oiamo Design is a studio located in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, whose focus is to map out and revitalize the memory of communities in the far south of Brazil.

With a deep-rooted sense of identity, Oiamo revives ancestral techniques and preserves the traditions of handmade wool products from the region. The brand’s time-honored design values natural and organic materials, enriched by thorough know-how when it comes to handcrafting. All this results in an aesthetic and sensorial experience that celebrates the cultural heritage of southern Brazil.

To connect with the brand: OIAMO - tiago@oiamo.com.br

St. James

Founded in 1976, St. James was born from the belief that the home is the most important place in our lives. The brand believes that our home is our sanctuary — our island of comfort and well-being — which protects us from all the noise and stress of the outside world. Also in the power of that which is beautiful, to lift the spirit, to warm the heart, and to help us live a happier and healthier life. Accordingly, its mission has always been to make the home an increasingly pleasant setting, where we can be surrounded by beauty and meaning on all sides. St. James produces beautiful, high-quality objects to decorate and serve, in an artisanal way, and always with the human touch.

To connect with the brand: ST JAMES - ricardo.saad@saintjames.com.br


Based in São Paulo, the Brazilian Association of Utilities and Gifts Companies (ABUP) is a non-profit association comprising a group of companies that operate in the HOMEWARE segment.

As the entity responsible for organizing major trade shows in the segment — the ABUP DECOR SHOW, HOME & GIFT, and TÊXTIL & HOME fairs, the Association promotes the latest product launches of the top names in the industry and in imports, showcases the best in Brazilian independent design, and presents a complete overview of trends for the home decoration, tableware, household goods, and home textiles markets.

Through the exchange of ideas and relationships, ABUP encourages and kindles the entrepreneurship of its member brands. Through its partnerships and its events, the most important Brazilian business shows in the sector, it drives its exhibitors internationally and contributes to the growth of the Brazilian economy.